M.S. in Patient Safety Leadership On-Site Residency and Capstone Project

The MS in Patient Safety Leadership offers a comprehensive blend of online learning and practical application. The goal of the PSL program is to prepare you to become a leader in patient safety and in the delivery of quality healthcare. The work you do will help advance the transformation of healthcare to a culture of safety.

The nine course master’s program includes a three-day on-site residency in Chicago, and culminates with a capstone project that you will develop in consultation with faculty mentors.

The PSL Program Progression

The MS in PSL program progresses through four key components via the nine courses of the program:

  • Introduction to current literature and the patient safety field
  • Immersion in theoretical and practical leadership scenarios
  • Application of your acquired knowledge
  • Contribution to the patient safety field: an original capstone project you will design, develop, and complete under the guidance of PSL faculty mentors

UIC PSL Progression

Program study areas across the nine courses include:

  • Patient safety and quality care improvement
  • Error theory, systems thinking, risk assessment
  • Advanced communication strategies and collaboration
  • Organizational leadership, theory, culture, and change
  • Applied leadership and decision-making, synthesis and integration of patient safety theory and practice
  • Research methodologies and information technology
  • Legal, economic, accreditation, and regulatory issues
  • Impact of process improvement and behavior change
  • Effective leadership and the integration and application of program knowledge and skills

On-Site Residency

The on-site residency in Chicago offers three days of active, in-person, experiential learning and collaboration with faculty and fellow students. You will apply the tools and principles learned in the first four courses and begin to explore, with faculty support, your capstone project. You will also be assigned a capstone project mentor who will serve as your collaborator and assessor for your individual capstone project throughout the remainder of the program.

The on-site residency is a vibrant, engaging experience for learning and forming lasting professional relationships. It is often mentioned by students as a highlight of the PSL program. The first day of the residency focuses on providing you the tools needed to develop a successful capstone. Speakers address topics such as study design, quantitative and qualitative methods, expanding knowledge discovery skills, and tips for scholarly writing. Students also present on their capstone project ideas.

During days two and three of the on-site residency, guest speakers discuss current topics in the field of patient safety and healthcare quality improvement. Topics in the past have included the Seven Pillars, UIC Mort Tool, Care For the Care Giver, and Disclosure of Unexpected Outcomes.

Receptions and events are integrated throughout the residency to facilitate networking and community-building.

Capstone Project

The final course in the PSL program gives you the opportunity to complete and submit the capstone project – your original project in the patient safety field. In consultation with PSL faculty, you will design, implement, and evaluate the impact of a patient safety or quality care improvement project in an area of interest to you.

Your capstone project will demonstrate effective leadership skills and an advanced level of understanding, synthesis, and application of the content explored throughout the program. The capstone is a critical component of your MS in PSL degree. It not only represents the culmination of the theoretical and practical skills you’ve learned in the program, but it will also contribute to the advancement of the patient safety field. It is our hope that your capstone project is implemented and your work shared via a conference poster or paper, meeting abstract, or peer reviewed journal article.

For a list of recently completed PSL program capstone projects, contact us.